Get the Lean, Toned, Healthy Body You've Always Wanted
PMATC 10 Round Fitness Kickboxing & MMA Workout Will Help You See Amazing Results While Working Around Your Crazy Schedule.
  • Working out at the gym on your own and running can work... 
  • but its NO FUN and holding yourself accountable is HARD.
  • It's time to finally find 'YOUR THING.'
  • At PMATC, our coaches will motivate and encourage you to help you be accountable to your training. 
  • You'll LOVE our FUN, fast paced 45 min. classes. 
  • Feel empowered & see results quicker than you ever have on your own!
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Have Fun & Do Something Just For YOU!
As an adult, trying to balance working or school, home life, and everything else pulling you in a million directions, how often do you do things JUST FOR YOU & JUST FOR FUN?! Its so important for your overall physical and mental health to schedule time to challenge yourself with something new. AND, if you can get an incredible workout at the same time that boosts your energy, motivates you to eat right, hydrate properly, and be more active in your every day life, that's the icing on the cake! PLUS, you'll be surrounded with people who are on the same journey as you, looking to have fun, learn a great skill, & get healthy for life!
Get in Incredible Shape & Lose Weight!
If you have weight to lose and you haven't found success in the standard gym setting, Fitness Kickboxing at PMATC is for you! No more falling through the cracks like at a big box gym, or paying a fortune for a personal trainer. At PMATC, our coaches pride themselves on finding the perfect middle ground. Our classes, 6 day a week build one on one relationships that help hold you accountable, while building in flexibility to accommodate your everyday life. This perfect blend that we've developed over our years of coaching will help you achieve your long term fitness goals through consistent training on a sustainable custom schedule.
Develop Confidence & Increase Self Esteem!
Increased self confidence is one of the biggest improvements that our clients report! We see both women and men who used to walk through the door looking to avoid notice now stand taller with their shoulders back, walking confidently among their friends & training partners, ready to start their classes. It comes from a combination of getting in great shape, feeling strong, being surrounded by incredibly supportive training partners. 
Relieve Stress!
No matter how much you love your job, school, & family, everyone can benefit from some time to do something just for YOU! Too often, people indulge in unhealthy habits as an effort to reduce stress or "decompress" after a long day. BUT, there is NOTHING that can relieve stress like a great day hitting & kicking the bags, training with great people, & challenging your mind & body in an amazing class. Try out ONE CLASS. Come in & "sweat out your day" and I KNOW you'll be more relaxed after class than you started.
Meet Amazing People & Join our "TEAM!"
Welcome to your new gym family! PMATC is home to many welcoming women & men of every age, size, & experience level ready and excited to train with you! We wholeheartedly believe in the power of group fitness gains & unlike other traditional gyms, at PMATC, you never train alone! All of our conditioning exercises, bag rounds, and drills are repped with your instructor, a partner, or in a group! In every class you will meet like-minded people and bond over your shared experiences kicking & hitting the bags. We have a incredibly unique culture of teamwork at PMATC where every person you meet, from the coaches to your training partners, has a vested interest in helping YOU get better & reach your goals. It's often said and in other activities, but like most cliches it's only rarely true, however at PMATC "Together Everyone (really does) Achieve More."
Try it Out!
You Have Nothing To Lose.. And You Might Just Find "Your Thing!"
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